3 Reasons to Rethink your Branding
3 reasons to rethink your brand

It’s been a little over a year since I launched mtgadesigns.com, this has been my first business venture and although it started as a hobby and not a career choice, it has grown into so much more for me. I am truly passionate about web design and it really feels like the right path for me. I remember when  I started this, I just wanted to get started, I was willing to work with anyone on anything. I hastened through setting up my brand and website because I just wanted to have a website to show people. However, now that I want to actually convert this hobby into a full-fledged business, I have to evaluate whether or not my brand needed a makeover

#1 your branding feels stale and unexciting

When you look at your website or social media, does it spark joy? Are you happy with how your branding looks when you use it? Does your brand stand out from the competition? If it doesn’t you need to rethink your brand. 
For me, my branding didn’t speak to who  I was as a designer. It represented me as a person and the things I liked but not what  I designed or what my clients were looking for. I also felt that the branding was very similar to other designers out there. I wanted to stand out more. 

#2 Your brand no longer speaks to your target audience

Like I mentioned, I didn’t think my ideal client was attracted by my design because it was too busy. I wanted my target audience to see that my websites were more sophisticated and well thought out. My aesthetic now is increasingly minimalistic. I feel that it makes me work harder in putting a greater focus on my client’s business.

#3 Your brand no longer tells the story you wish to tell

When I designed my brand and website, I had no real story to tell. I just wanted something out there. You probably do too. But the essential work in branding that is often ignored is in the story. What story are you telling through your branding? Does it communicate the type of business you are?

Branding should elevate your business and speak to your audience not distract or overwhelm them.

So, I made my decision to change my brand. What were my next steps? Follow me and find out more about my journey!

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